Transafrica Medical Supplies Limited, importers and distributors of dental equipment and consumables, was founded in 2015. With only one member of staff, the Company started by selling dental and medical instruments from a shared rented space in the heart of Nairobi city.

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Aerosol Reduction Equipment

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 Aerosol Reduction Equipment

The prophylaxis cannula: Up to twice more aerosol reduction

More protection for the patient and operator

Unique throughout the globe: The Dürr Dental prophylaxis cannulas. With their rotating and fixable protective shield, they enable the particularly effective aspiration of the jet powder. The targeted focusing of the cannula in the mouth allows the powder spray to be precisely aimed at the teeth and then aspirated away – this protects the oral mucosa to the greatest extent possible and the atomization of the powder around the patient is significantly reduced. 

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