Transafrica Medical Supplies Limited, importers and distributors of dental equipment and consumables, was founded in 2015. With only one member of staff, the Company started by selling dental and medical instruments from a shared rented space in the heart of Nairobi city.

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New Single-File Rotary System

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 New Single-File Rotary System

The long-term retention of root canal treated teeth depends on many factors but it has become evident that the most common reasons for extraction of these teeth are ‘large carious lesion’ or ‘unrestorable tooth’, followed by ‘tooth fracture’, ‘periodontal disease’ and last of all, ‘endodontically related disease’ (Ng, Mann and Gulabivala, 2010).

Moreover, it is apparent that remaining structural integrity and the preservation of especially peri-cervical dentine are key factors that determine the long-term prognosis (relating to fracture resistance) in these teeth (Tang, Wu and Smales, 2010). 

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