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Peri-implantitis successfully treated with new procedure

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 Peri-implantitis successfully treated with new procedure

Peri-implantitis could be treated if the implant is brushed with a round titanium brush to remove debris. New research, published in the Journal of Oral Implantology, looked at a novel surgical procedure to combat peri-implantitis.

The researchers used a round titanium brush to clean the implant and maintain a rough surface, a regenerative approach to incorporate bone graft materials was used to rebuild the bone around the implant.

After a two-year follow-up period, the researchers found that the bone level was preserved following the use of this technique and there was a reduction in chair time.


The results obtained in the present two cases emphasise the importance of mechanical decontamination by eliminating the contaminated surface and creating a new rough surface for a regenerative approach in the treatment of severe peri-implantitis,’ the researchers said.

‘This technique has the advantages of effective cleaning of the contaminated implant surface and produce positive clinical and radiological results during the two-year follow-up period.

‘However, further studies are necessary to verify the reliability and validity of this technique.’

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