Dental Chairs

Stylish and advanced treatment centers are an opportunity for your dental office to enhance efficiency and expand treatment solutions, differentiating your practice and clearing the way for profit growth.

Dental Compressors

New generation compressors that are oil-free incredibly quiet and powerful for dental medicine "Made in Germany".

Suction Equipment

Dry and wet suction machines with integrated amalgam separators. Integrated touch display for user-friendly adjustment of operating parameters.


Unparalleled diagnostic image quality at the lowest reasonable dose, while remaining intuitive and easy to use.


Innovative CAD/CAM solutions for the clinic and the lab for faster, safer and more economical treatment outcomes.

Hand Pieces

High quality contra-angle and straight handpick series made in Germany with titanium sleeves. Regardless of the dental chair you use, our handpicks are flexible with ISO interface.

Hygiene Systems

Economical, potent products are impressive and effective thanks to exact dosage and their speed of use, saving you both time and money. Optimal quality and service provide you with reliability and a feeling of assurance as you go about your daily work.

Dental Implants

World gold standard implant brands built on the basis of simplicity and freedom of choice. Our solutions focus on progressive treatment concepts to enable advancement in dentistry.


Regenerative materials of proven success in safety, efficacy and reliability from a multitude of preclinical and clinical studies worldwide.

Hand Instruments

Highest quality instruments for orthodontics, restorative, periodontal, implantology, endodontics and minor oral surgery. Engineered to provide long lasting, consistent, accurate, precise performance.


Quality guaranteed surgical, restorative, prosthetic, endodontics and personal protective equipment all from reputable brands.


With passion for dental labs and dental technicians, we offer a wide range of solutions that are tailored to exceed the needs of modern-day dental laboratories.