Transafrica Medical Supplies Limited, importers and distributors of dental equipment and consumables, was founded in 2015. With only one member of staff, the Company started by selling dental and medical instruments from a shared rented space in the heart of Nairobi city.

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Fully Virucidal Clinic Disinfectant

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 Fully Virucidal Clinic Disinfectant

Product information ID 213 instrument disinfection


ID 213 from Dürr System Hygiene is a highly effective, aldehyde-free concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of general and surgical instrument sets (e.g. mirrors, probes, forceps, tongs, etc.) in hospitals, private practices and laboratories. An additional area of application is the cleaning and disinfection of alkali-sensitive and alcohol-sensitive rotary instrument sets, e.g. nickel-titanium endodontic instruments, root canal instrument sets with colour anodised handles, soldered hard metal milling tools, aluminium oxide stones, rubber polishers, etc. 

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